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Why do writers abandon their native language?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

This short essay aims to help readers understand why many writers would incline to abandon their mother tongues and give more weight to second languages. It is generally believed that learning new languages persuades learners to think and act mostly distinctive to what has previously been established ways of life in their homelands throughout their lives. To put it more bluntly, phrases, words, and sentences of certain languages serve as revolutionary tools and transform writers` worldviews. In what follows, I will highlight a few reasons that writers allege for keeping away from their native languages and writing in new ones.

1. Being under scrutiny is what many writers are often burdened with when they write in their native language. Every single writer has his/her writing style, makes use of certain phrases and expressions, and addresses social realities in unique ways. Writers are commonly known by the aforementioned considerations by their target audience. If writers bring unusual rhetoric into play, readers may find them inexplicable and begin criticizing them. A second language serves as a haven by which writers can hide from public surveillance. It provides writers with breathing room.

2. By writing in a second language, writers evade the complexity of language structures. They can simply convey their insights, thoughts, and concerns to the audience without anyone making effort to niggle. Abandoning native languages gives writers an opportunity to reveal their real identities. They are no longer concerned about condemnations, criticisms, and accusations.

3. Another attention-grabbing point is that a second language would open up a new horizon of possibilities for making content richer. To achieve this goal, writers are required to follow on news and information resources such as books and magazines to get to know how other writers, commentators, and interpreters interpret texts. More importantly, those writers who know a second language normally struggle to do research by digging into topics of various kinds.

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